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July 24 2018

Modern, elegant, and premium, this 10 oz black glass candle features a matching lid and a black 1 piece tuck box. 100% Natural soy wax, sourced from USA forms. Max 1 color imprint.

June 29 2018

June 27 2018

May 28 2018

Make a lasting impression with this stylish 10 oz. frosted glass votive. Comes with high-end premium two piece gift box. Max 1 color imprint on candle. Optional imprint on box is also a max 1 color imprint (add'l charges for box imprinting). 100% Soy wax. Soy is non-toxic and burns clean. Made in USA.

May 15 2018

Custom promotional soy candle housed in a rounded black tin. Wax can be matched to any PMS color. Burns a minimum of 40 hours. Includes 1 color screen print or 4 color label.

December 06 2017

December 01 2017

1 Oz Custom Printed Candle is well priced and made in quality material. Your choice of 10 candle wax color and fragrances available.             

November 09 2017

Custom promotional soy candle housed in a frosted votive glass with wooden wick. Available with two piece gift box with heavy Top Hat comes in black or white paper. Wax can be matched to any PMS color. 
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