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March 14 2018

Custom made bags are made to order in your signature design, style, shape, and size. See PDF for details. Please call or click "Request Custom Quote" below for custom pricing.

March 03 2018

jesteś cienką granicą między wiarą, a ślepym oczekiwaniem
— list do mojego przyszłego kochanka
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March 01 2018

This custom junior size portfolio is perfect for your promotional needs. It features 3 interior card slots and a refillable 160 ivory lined 5.875" x 9" notebook. It also comes with an aluminum push-action pen. Magnetic closure cover.

February 22 2018

This gorgeous, fun gift set of nail polish bottles features 3 of our newest nail polish bottles, with your logo imprinted on each one. Packaged in a lovely metallic silver gift bag and accented ribbon on top, each bottle has net wt. 0.33 fl oz. (10 ml) and is wrapped in tissue before placing inside gift bag. 

January 09 2018

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Fashion News :From Dapper Dan's comeback to Levi's merging its business in other countries, these were the top news of the week. Weekly Fashion Recap here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf3gdS5CBcZa8c0JwSa6LzQ/videos

December 22 2017

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December 06 2017

December 05 2017

Custom Printed Canvas Totes and PolyCanvas Bags

Have you ever used canvas and polycanvas bags? Looking for the best custom canvas and polycanvas bags? Choose Femme Custom in order to create your own stylish bag. Get in touch for more details!

Why Women Go Crazy Over American and Native American Jewelry Auctions?

When it comes to antique auctions, a lot of items create buzz amongst women but one thing that literally makes them go crazy is the Native American jewelry. Why? Read on to find out why!

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December 01 2017

1 Oz Custom Printed Candle is well priced and made in quality material. Your choice of 10 candle wax color and fragrances available.             

November 29 2017

Premium candle gift comes in a gorgeous display of quality glass, wooden wick, and silver lid to top of a truly exceptional custom branded candle.

November 25 2017

Viking bronze brooch t-shirt

November 21 2017

Premium weight 11 oz promotional or private label candle, featuring quality 2 piece giftbox. Includes 1 color imprint on silver foil or gold foil label, or full color digital imprint on candle glass label. Soy blend. Contact us for wax color options.

November 17 2017

November 13 2017

See through cosmetic bag with faux leather accents, features metal zipper for premium appeal. We love this bag and we think you will, too! Imprint your logo in style on this fashion-forward bag.
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